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AnyShopStyle x SHOKAY

MATCH SHOWROOM has successfully held a pop-up event at AnyShopStyle concept store in Chengdu on the 13th of January, bringing SHOKAY to another spotlight, once again.  


MS is a firm believer of sustainability, and sustainable fashion. With "Transformation" we hope to transform the public's eye and gain more insight about sustainable fashion and lifestyle, and SHOKAY brand values as a sustainable enterprise.


1月13日,MATCH SHOWROOM 如期而至成都 AnyShopStyle 買手概念店。為 SHOKAY 舉辦一場回饋 VIP 買手的時尚快閃活動,活動取得空前成功,收穫許多時尚達人的讚賞和買手的建議。


M S 從一而終是可持續發展模式的忠實追隨者,我們希望獲得大家對可持續發展更多的關注。這一次, SHOKAY 在成都舉辦品牌分享會,與大家分享可持續發展的時尚生活方式和品牌破繭成蝶的心路歷程。

​AnyShopStyle - CHENGDU


14:00 - 17:00

​Event managed by MATCH SHOWROOM


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