MATCH SHOWROOM 於2014年成立於香港,憑藉香港成熟的時尚氛圍和貿易地位,為分佈於全球的設計師品牌摸索並構建更為貼身的showroom 制。在成立的第一年,已經成功簽署並代表了設計師品牌10多個,而這些品牌更成為 MATCH SHOWROOM 獨特 showroom服務機制的見證者,在中港台時尚舞台上熠熠生輝。目前 MATCH SHOWROOM 代表了三十多個設計師品牌,銷售網絡遍布太平洋地區。


MATCH SHOWROOM 目前擁有三大設計平台:Design Asia, Design Nordic 和 Creative Kanto,集亞洲、北歐和日本的設計精品,除了時裝,配飾之外,更大力拓展時尚家品領域,順應跨界趨勢,吸引範圍廣泛的買手。


MATCH SHOWROOM 自2014年起便活躍於香港時裝週,同年更邁向中國市場,迄今已參與過八季的上海時尚貿易展,擁有一定的買手資源,也由於新加入品牌的多樣性,面向更大的買手及消費者市場。


MATCH SHOWROOM 一直以承傳文化為特色,除了為創意尋找市場外,Showroom 導過一系列時尚文化交流活動,為多國領館和中港台政府機構進行合作,推廣時尚文化做貢獻。



MATCH SHOWROOM established in the year of 2014 in Hong Kong. With the well-nurtured fashion environment and trading superiority, MATCH SHOWROOM has developed a showroom style that fit for worldwide designer labels. 


MATCH SHOWROOM has signed and represented more than ten designer labels in the first year. These labels witnessed and shared the merit of the showroom system, which successfully shined bright on the China, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. At the moment, MATCH SHOWROOM is representing more than thirty designer labels that are selling across the Pacific area. 


Currently, MATCH SHOWROOM owns three design platforms - Design Asia, Design Nordic and Creative Kanto. Besides fashion apparels and accessories, Design Asia, Design Nordic and Creative Kanto also continuously explore the lifestyle goods market. To catch up with the trend of lifestyle concepts in the market, MATCH SHOWROOM provides variety of products to the markets. 


Ever since 2014, MATCH SHOWROOM has actively performed in Hong Kong Fashion Week. And even made the first step to China market, that it participated in Shanghai Fashion week for six seasons. Due to the diversity of labels and significant amount of buyer information MATCH SHOWROOM owns, bring it to larger buyer and consumer markets.


Apart from field of fashion MATCH SHOWROOM also highly contribute in the culture exchange between cities. From looking opportunities for creativeness to holding fashion cultural exchange activities, MATCH SHOWROOM cooperated with different consulates and government organizations to promote fashion cultures.