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[男潮 Big Boys Hub: 由名詞演化動詞 From Passion To Motion]

既赤裸裸,又坦盪盪; 貫徹物質體驗,直指心靈悟處,漂流感官,生生不息。
今年夏天,The LAB 破天荒聯乘香港藝術電影導演—雲翔,於尖沙咀美麗華商場分店舉辦集視覺藝術,以及綠色購物體驗於一身的攝影展覽。參與男裝品牌包括香港男子樂團Shine成員黃又南首創潮牌NUMB Numb Apparel,上海經典運動鞋Feiyue飛躍 Feiyue Hong Kong,以高科技有機耐用布料聞名的時尚品牌Shokay, 來自法國以古董跑車作靈感並以汽車原料up cycling 的原創實用兼備的手提包系列E2R Entre 2 Rétros, Andfunns 的男仕香薰共和,以及

Hadachu Orimono日本家族傳承的頂級布藝男仕配飾,共惹一爐。
Big Boys Hub 成為終極落腳點,各大男孩的身心靈全面收穫前所未有,而可持續的「男潮」。各位男士,潮所未有!

From being a boy to a man, all men are still having a childish soul. Although they go with the flow of trend, still as a child.
This Summer, THE LAB will cooperate with a Hong Kong Art Film director --- Yun Xiang, hold a photography exhibition in Mira Place. It is not only a normal visual art exhibition, but also provide a green shopping experience. Participating brands include Wong You Nam, one of the members of Hong Kong music band Shine, who is the founder of a brand called NUMB, ShangHai classic sports shoes Feiyue, the fashion brand Shokay known for its high-tech organic durable fabrics. Entre 2 Retros, a brand from French, which uses vintage car as inspiration. And its series of handbag are made of the raw materials of car by using the technique of upcycling. The men’s fragrance from Andfunns and tie from Hadachu Orimono from Japan, promoting the sense of taste.
Director Yun Xiang uses his “eyes” to capture the posture of men.
Big Boys Hub is the ultimate destination, boys and men will be fully satisfied --- physically and mentally.



 20 JUL 2019 I 17:00-21:00 

Shop G11 on G/F, Mira Place 1, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


7月20日 下午5時至晚上9 時


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