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About the Brand:


Ucou is Japan-made high quality textile brand. The brand’s mission is to discover locally manufactured fabrics in Japan and

introduce them to the world. It uncovers the hidden magic and stories from the manufacturing process of textile,

and shares the experiences through the maker’s handcrafted work.

Ucou’s spirit is rooted in authentic craftsmanship—every product is produced by small, home-based textile makers in Fuji-yoshida region. 


Ucou’s designers,Chabata and Michiyo, believe that a piece of fabric that is a condensation of traditional wisdom,

technique and passion repeatedly passed on for centuries. The craftsmen in Fuji-Yoshida have a very high level of techniques and standards,

yet their products are little known to the world, and most of them find it a struggle to expand their markets overseas.

In 2014, Chabata and Michiyo decided to collaborate with craftsmen in Fuji-yoshida to produce original fabrics

that are perfect for dresses, pillows, bags, or anything handcraft fans would love to make with them.

This is when Ucou was born. 



About the Designers: 


Yuka Chabata

After studying psychology in college, she found her true passion in fashion.

She studied fashion in Paris for two years, then continued to pursue fashion design at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.

She worked in the apparel business for four years. When she was working for a fashion trading company,

she met weavers in Fuji-yoshida, Yamanashi prefecture. That encounter inspired her to start a business of her own.


Michiyo Terao

She spent her senior year in high school in Vermont, United States as an exchange student,

and later majored in International Relations in college in Tokyo.

However, she spent most of her time there working on theatrical productions.

She worked at an advertising company for four years, then as a cook at a local diner for another four years.

She has always admired traditional fabrics, thanks to having a mother who was a professional handweaver.


ucou 是來自日本山梨縣的高級紡織品牌,每件成品均是日籍設計師及當地專業手織達人的匠心獨運,



ucou設計師Yuka Chabata小姐及Michiyo Terao小姐,深信來自日本山梨縣手織布料上的每條經緯線,




惟當地品質再好的手織布,也難以拓展海外市場,為世人所知。有見及此,Yuka Chabata小姐及Michiyo Terao小姐於2014年,







Yuka Chabata

在大學修讀心理學畢業後,Yuka Chabata小姐發現自己一直鍾情於    時尚服裝藝術,於是她獨自遠走法國巴黎,



在修畢時裝課程後,Yuka Chabata小姐一直從事成衣買賣達4年之久。當她在一家時裝貿易公司工作期間,




Michiyo Terao

在美國佛蒙特州以交流生身份完成高中課程後,Michiyo Terao小姐選擇回流東京在大學主修國際關係科,






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