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Terhi Pölkki’s brand launched in fall 2011. Helsinki-based designer Terhi Pölkki’s style sums up the brand’s coveted aesthetic of minimalist luxury with a tough edge. This sustainable and high quality ecological vegetan leather shoe range is made in Portugal and Finland. The shoe collection is made of metal and chrome-free leather materials. The different surface structures combine matt and shiny materials. The end result is collection of layered uppers with hand-stitched details.

赫爾辛基設計師Terhi Pölkki的同名鞋履品牌於2011年秋季上市,風格完美整合了極簡奢華又不失唯美或前衛的審美情趣。這些可持續的高品質有機植物鞣革vegetan leather鞋履均在葡萄牙和芬蘭製造,原材料包含無鉻真皮和金屬,根據不同的表面結構製成啞光和光澤的效果,而產品的個性來自於鞋面的手工縫製線細節。

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