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SONIA H is a contemporary ladies wear label designed for modern,

multifaceted women that can be chic, elegant, professional, sophisticated,laid back or playful at different time.

SONIA H’s women are confident, brave and curious that do not bound by age or gender. Style is their identity.

SONIA H is dedicated to delivering high-quality and beautiful contemporary ladies wear with comfort.

Every piece was created with refined fabrics and great attention into details.


SONIA H : chic, elegant, feminine, timeless


This collection features precisely refined French lace and Guipure lace pieces.

These sophisticated materials go with textured sequins, faux leather and fine quality satin pieces.

Materials chosen for this collection are all delicate and exquisite.


Style of this collection are mainly sleek and feminine with a touch of romanticism.

It is a small but carefully selected, conceptual collection.

Every pieces is sensual to wear and absolutely to fall in love with. 

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