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About the Brand:


Built upon four dyeing companies in Tokyo, Uchida has over 100 years’ history of making fine textile.

Whilst the convenient location gives the company a superior geographical advantage of making speedy response to the market demand,

quality is always given a higher priority than speed at some-zome. 


The brand some-zome strives to seek a balance between the skillful craftsmen’s know-how accumulated through many years of experience,

and the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. By continuously recruiting young talents and introducing cutting-edge dyeing technologies,

Uchida some-zome is highly regarded for its relentless idea generation by some of the well-known

Japanese fashion labels such as ISSEY MIYAKE, COMME des GARCONS and Yohji Yamamoto.


About the Designers: 


Yuri Shiraki currently is the design representative for some-zome, and Associate Professor at Sugino Fashion College.

Highly talented at both fashion and product design, Yuri derives inspiration from the viewpoint of being a woman and a mother

while working in various lifestyle areas ranging from daily necessities to children's furniture to industrial products. 

Her design process involves rough sketching, hand drawings, as well as 3D modeling and 3-D CAD.


Major awards include Ministry of International Trade and Industry (METI) Good Design Award;

LG Mobile Design Competition Gold Prize;

Fashion Creator Newcomer Award International Competition Japan Representative Award;

Kawasaki Industrial Design Competition Grand Prix, etc. 





背負日本東京愈百年製作優質成衣的技藝及經驗,Uchida some-zome為當地4家漂染公司攜手合作而生產的成衣品牌。


但Uchida some-zome 一眾染布匠人及成衣設計師製作態度相當嚴謹,持續竭力堅守成品的材質為先。


Uchida some-zome 品牌一直在尋求如何將多年累積而來的匠人技藝及經驗,


因此,Uchida Some-Zome的製作團體不時請來年青才晉,並引盡嶄新的染布科技,冀望將成品的質量推陳出新,

其技藝被受 ISSEY MIYAKE、COMME des GARCONS 及Yohji Yamamoto等全球知名品牌的讚賞。




Yuri Shiraki 小姐現為Uchida some-zome的首席設計師代表,以及杉野服飾大學的副教授。

擅長時裝設計及產品設計的Yuri Shiraki 小姐,不時就自身的觀點出發,按著身為事業型女性及在職母親的角度,


她的創作過程有簡單手繪、3D立體模型及3-D CAD 繪圖。


Yuri Shiraki 小姐的設計獲獎無數,包括日本通商産業省(METI)之優秀設計獎、LG手機設計金獎、國際時裝設計新晉日本代表獎,


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