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RayLabo | 瑞樂馛 

Since 2017


- Restore The Natural State Of Life-

RayLabo is inspired by art life, extreme sports and sex.

The tension of the flaring pulse of every unusual scene, the quietness and distortion of the artistic creation, and the smell of the surrounding space are merged into each fragrance.

RayLabo's style represents a group of people, who have a proud and indifferent attitude, fanatical inner chase, and unremitting pursuit of natural living conditions.


Product Concept

-Avoids commercial rough manufacturing, and only provides a small scale of fine manual products.

-Focuses on the source and sustainability of raw materials, and eliminates the use of animal raw materials.

-Uses natural and renewable raw materials as much as possible to meet the basic requirements of stable product quality and legal regulations.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging Concept

-Packaging design follows the concept of sustainable and reproducible use of packaging.

-Uses unbleached kraft paper or natural log tenon boxes to reduce the use of glue and printing.

-Uses simple or even no packaging while the product safety is ensured.





RayLabo 調香的靈感來源於藝術生活、極限運動與性。


RayLabo 的風格代表著一個群體,他(她)們有著傲然冷漠的態度,