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POW! EYEWEAR is an experimental eyewear design label which dedicates to celebrate user experience in eyewear. Following their motto "Versatility of Shades", it present the interchangeable concept of sunglasses design in the first project entitled PROJECT_CLICK. With an easy “click” assembling action using a pair of featured magnetic components, this project exhibit flair of versatile eyewear design in exciting combo of colours and patterns between stainless steel frame bodies & range of hanging shades.


Inspired from “Journey”, “Experience” and “Transformation”, designer attaches his experience and impression of brilliant places and things in journeys with this collection. The olive green pattern of MORI (forest in Japanese), the bright LAVA orange, the CAMO pattern of army, the palettes of SUNSET and FOG(gy) day are transformed as the colour of hanging shades. More than colour in pictures, it is about time, emotion and senses.


POW! EYEWEAR focuses in interaction and commitment with users, allowing them to “experience” the products upon everyday emotion in their own “Journeys”.


POW! EYEWEAR 的首個實驗性大陽眼鏡系列取名為「Project_Click」。源於品牌推崇使用眼鏡的可能性及個人性,「Project_Click」系列讓用家可以利用特製磁石部件,將不銹鋼金屬底架與不同顏色及紋路的acetate掛架簡單互換組合,令配襯眼鏡變得個人化。


設計靈感來自「旅程」、「經驗」和「變化」。設計師將不同旅程中遇到事物的印象注入系列設計之中。密綠色紋路的MORI (日語解作森林),用上熔岩般橙紅色水銀鏡的LAVA,日落(SUNSET)及工業城市霧灰色(FOG)的色調, 及帶有軍事元素的迷彩紋路CAMO 都呈現在不同款色的眼鏡掛架上。設計師期望投射的不止是風景照片上的顏色,更多的是時間,情感及氛圍。



POW!EYEWEAR 更推崇用家的個人經驗,希望用家能夠在不同的旅程上即興地去玩味眼鏡系列的可能性。

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