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A genuine company with the very start of its ambition to produce clothes in an ethical and sustainable way. Papu looks at the world from a playful point of view, finds inspiration in everyday life or nature and pondering the meaning of things. Made from 100% organic cotton, all its garments are designed with love in Finland, made with care in the EU, for mother and kids.

一家真性情的公司,一開始只想創作符合道德的、可持續的童裝。 Papu以愛玩的角度看世界,在每日生活和大自然中尋找靈感並思量事物的意義。 Papu採用100%有機棉,Papu所有的親子衣物都“用愛在芬蘭設計,並用心在歐盟製造”。

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