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Nomen Nescio was founded in 2012 by Niina and Timo Leskelä. It’s about simple functionality and contemporary yet timeless pieces. It ́s black for every occasion, clothes that are comfortable yet sharp. The collection is a permanent selection of wardrobe essentials, with novelties and updates every season.

由Niina和Timo于2012年創立,Nomen Nescio以北歐設計概念為基礎,著重於“極簡的功能性和無時間限制的現代感”。全黑的設計仍然能看得出層次,舒適但不犧牲鋒芒。品牌以衣櫥必備作為本質,每季又帶來新奇和革新,令人非常期待。

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