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About the Brand: 

Quietly lies at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi one may find the workshop of Muto.

The brand is specialised in manufacturing fabrics that perfectly delivers the beauty of nature fibers,

such as silk, cashmere, wool, organic cotton, linen and ramie.

What makes Muto truly distinctive, is that you can find originality in every step of the production chain, from spinning to embellishment.

Their in-house thread design and the use of traditional slow-shuttle looms all give the fabric an extremely light and airy texture,

something that can rarely achieved by modern rapid weaving technique.

Not only that, Muto incorporates numerous local artisanal techniques of needlework, screen printing, as well as indigo tinting.

This wide range of intertwining techniques fosters the creativity of the design process. 

Another unique aspect about Muto is that it utilize the crystal clear creek water flowing directly from Mount Fuji,

which is one of the key reasons that there is little impurities found throughout its dyeing and tinting process.

Muto works with many well-known Japanese designers such as ISSEY MIYAKE.






Muto與眾不同之處, 是浸透於從紡紗到裝飾每一個生產步驟中的原創與創新。

公司獨有的棉線設計同傳統的慢梭織機完美結合,令布料具有極致的輕盈和空氣感 — 這是現代快速織布技術所難以達到的。




Muto與日本諸多時裝品牌(如ISSEY MIYAKE)均有合作。

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