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M.I.C. artsy = Made In China + artsy


Our concept

“To make fashion more artistic and to make art more fashionable”

Constructing handcrafted sews and illustrations on fundamental, basic blocks of garments.

“Handmade with love” is what we have been and always will be doing. 

Handcrafts need not to worry about trends. Handcrafts are timeless. 


The most treasurable thing about handcrafting is the tiny bit of difference of each pieces even if it is design to be the same,

which makes a piece unique. 


“To make fashion more artistic and to make art more fashionable"

" 主要是以簡單的衣服/領子款式基本底型作為白紙然後在上面做立體手工縫製繪畫。

"Handmade with love" 是我們一貫的座右銘。




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