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 In Europe, “BCBG”Bon Chic Bon Genre, is often referring to those whose fashion tastes are elegant as well as leading edge.  Bon means good in French, so the expression means Good Style,Good Attitude in English.  MCCAYLAA firmly believes that every fashion minded lady possesses her personal preferences.  We embrace the BCBG concepts in selecting our hair jewellery and other accessories to enable our customers to express their individual chic styles,   from carefree to classical, elegant to passionate.

We select our hair jewellery from Europe’s fashion leading country - France, with a variety of futuristic, simple, elegant and rocking products to cater to the different tastes of our customers.  All our hair jewellery are painstakingly designed and produced by skilled French craftsmen.  Each item also embodies our own design passion, quality, functionality, and comfortability to fully satisfy the pursuit of fashion and quality of our customers.  We strive to adopt from the luxurious or practical originals, optimising from the dual classical and futuristic designs, and together with our own creativity and culture, to connect our endeared customers with leading edge European trend. 

歐洲潮流,慣用 “BCBG”,Bon Chic Bon Genre 去形容一個人打扮優雅和時尚並重。法文Bon是好的意思,整句釋為英文,就是 - Good Style,Good Attitude。MCCAYLAA 深信每一位時代女性都有獨特的個人品味,因此我們基於BCBG的概念,精選設計既經典又別具風格的頭飾及其他飾品,讓客戶能敢於表達自己對時尚的看法,從隨性到典雅,由優雅到狂野。



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