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LucidLabel demonstrates a careful balance of fun femininity, stylish elegance, androgynous chic and professional sophistication. The collection features harmonious details, soft tailoring and drape, emphasis on unique and refined lines all of which strike an undeniably modern edge. The textile choice is highly selective resulting in a global standard production, a true testament to LucidLabel’s  proactive approach to the deconstruction and interpretation of international trends whilst remaining faithful to understanding the needs of women today. The collection attempts to capture a demographic seeking to self-style in a way that allows freedom of expression while promoting the illusion of an escape from reality. LucidLabel’s  instills a sense of confidence and reaffirms a sense of self in all that live, wear and believe in the philosophy of the label.

LucidLabel 在溫柔的女性氣質與時髦的中性風,優雅的時尚風格與職場中的幹練之前找到平衡。

LucidLabel 的產品特別強調和諧感重的細節,柔軟垂墜的布料質感與獨特精緻的剪裁線條,實現出新的摩登風格。


LucidLabel 認為女性可以誠實地面對自己的心靈,堅守她們的夢想世界。無論在任何時期,每一位女性都可以主宰自己的風格。


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