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Lovi produces flat packed 3D figures from wood, designed and patented by Anne Paso. The products are 100% made in Finland and made from the highest Finnish quality, PEFC -certified birch plywood. The products are assembled by hands without any tools. The smallest Lovi products are envelope size and easy to send. Slotting cleverly together the beautiful Lovi shapes provide a sense of wonder as they take shape and come alive. 

由Anne Paso設計的Lovi 3D木制藝術品擁有多項專利,這些藝術品都以平面包裝起來。它們100%在芬蘭製造,材料為芬蘭最高品質PEFC認證的樺木膠合板。這些藝術品可以被全手工拼裝,無需任何工具。最小的Lovi產品只有信封大小,易於發送,成為芬蘭最具特色的天然DIY禮品。巧妙的開槽設計實現著美麗的Lovi形態,在它漸漸形成的過程中,人們能感受到它如奇跡一般的存在。

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