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About the Brand:

Founded in 1919, Kyoya is one of the very few traditional dyeing shop in Japan

that insist on craftsmanship and originality throughout its designing, dyeing and sewing process.

By introducing the latest technology to the traditional dyeing technique,

which includes three stages- coloring, scraping and spilling,


Kyoya is able to meet various demand from clients.

Kyoya’s product lines range from coat, yukata to curtains, hand towels as well as other traditional clothes.

Kyoya’s indigo dyed jacket was selected in the project "The Wonder 500 ™" of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

About the Founders: 


Yusuke Hachiya founded Kyoya dyeing shop 98 years ago,

and renovated the dyeing factory by introducing the latest equipment.

In the following year, he incorporated the Kyoya dye shop and the sewing factory.

He was also awarded as the municipal Meritorious Chairman by Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2015. 





Kyoya 品牌下產品多樣化,由大衣、浴衣、窗簾布、手巾,以及傳統服飾,包羅萬有;

當中的藍染外套更入選為日本經濟產業省The Wonder 500 ™ 計劃中的認證商品。




於1919 年,Yusuke Hachiya先生創立Kyoya染布店,引進當時最新的器材,翻新染布廠,然後逐步擴充兼容縫紉廠。

於2015年,Yusuke Hachiya先生獲日本厚生勞動省嘉許為市政府傑出主席。

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