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About the brand:

Taking inspiration from the beautiful natural environment in Yorii region,

each individual fabric is dyed using a technique named “Aurora Dyeing”.

Unlike traditional multi-color dyeing techniques, which dye different colors through multiple steps,

“Aurora dyeing” is performed using all the colors at once, a method referred to as “one bath multi-color dyeing”.

Such technique delicately reflects the beautiful color gradations resembling the patterns of the Aurora. 


KINUNOIE (Fuppu) brand has been selected for the Japan Brand Development Assistance Program,

which is operated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.


Wrapped in the wind


The wind always nestles beside me


The wind accepts me as who I am


The wind carries me wherever I go


I am always with the wind.

About the founder: 


In 1937, Inosuke Yoshida established the company as a production site of wholesale fabrics used in kimono linings.

In 1989, the second generation Masaharu Yoshida enhanced the Aurora Dyeing technique.

Currently, led by the third generation Masahiro Yoshida, the existing CEO of the company,


KINUNOIE (Fuppu) is dedicated to promoting “Aurora Dyeing” as a new direction for dyeing.




KINUNOIE (Fuppu)的設計靈感源於日本埼玉縣西北部寄居町的美麗自然景觀,

並以一種「極光染色技術 」 (Aurora Dyeing Technique) 漂染而成。這種漂染技術並非如傳統染色手法,將顏色逐一逐一經過繁複的工序漂染於布上,而是利用「一缸多色漂染方法」(One Bath Multi-color Dyeing),同時將所有顏色染在布上;完成後的漸變色效果,猶如自然界中美麗的極光,染色技術亦因而聞名於世。


KINUNOIE (Fuppu) 現時亦獲邀參與日本中小企業廳旗下「日本品牌發展協作計劃」的品牌之一。










隨著風,風就是我, 我就是風




KINUNOIE (Fuppu)創辦人Inosuke Yoshida先生,於1937年開設生產公司,製造及專營和服襯裡的布料批發生意。

直至1989年,第二代傳人Masaharu Yoshida先生,積極將「極光染色技術」更臻化境,

使第三代傳人兼現任行政總裁Masahiro Yoshida先生,立志將此染色技術承傳下去,宏揚光大,為主流工業掀開漂染技術另一新方向。

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