About the brand:


"Tsumami-Zaiku (pinching crafts)"is a technique which is said to have stared in the Edo period.

It uses to pinch and fold the fabrics which are cut into squares,and shape them into flowers and others.

Tsumami-Kanzashi Ayano,using the traditional techniques but with new variation of fabrics,

offer the designs that fit your daily life.


About the designer: 

 Fujii Ayano was born in Tokyo.

She was interested in Japanese culture from overseas experience while studying at university and she self-learned Tsumami-Kanzashi skills.

Then, in 2005, she began artistic work based on Matsudo-shi, Chiba prefecture under the name of "Tsumami-Kanzashi Ayano".

After working in a flower arrangement classroom and a Kimono shop, she opened "Tsumami-Kanzashi Ayano" in 2016.



“Tsumami-Zaiku” (壓布工藝)- 這個技術據說早在江戸時代開始發展,



品牌 “Tsumami-Kanzashi Ayano” 柔合傳統的日本手工藝技術和現代上乘的面料,