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Established in 2014, Kailijumei pays great attention to product development through research centres located in Korea, Japan and U.S.A., to develop unique and high quality cosmetic products. The company has chosen Hong Kong as the strategic bridgehead for the expansion of its presence across the Greater China region and the rest of the world. Contributed by our signature item – Flower Jelly Lipstick, Kailijumei has had a huge success in United State, United Kingdom and Asia since 2016, creates great viral impact on social media, and has led to the rapid development of the business. Now we keep inventing new items and expanding to the rest of the countries like Middle East. We would like to grow with you with our spirit: “Creative, Innovative, Positive” - Kailijumei

Kailijumei成立于2014年,透过位于韩国、日本和美国的研究中心,以开发独特和高品质的化妆品为宗旨。公司选择香港作为其在大中华地区和世界其他地区扩展业务的战略分销中心。Kailijumei由我们的标志性系列 - Flower Jelly Lipstick一炮成名,自2016年以来在亚洲、欧美市场取得了巨大成功,社交媒体带来了的影响更促成了业务的快速发展。现在我们不断发明新项目,并扩展到其他国家,如中东。我们希望与您一起成长:“创意,创新,积极” - Kailijumei

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