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Frida Hultén was born in Sweden and spent two decades venturing across cultures, countries and continents. After sampling interior and apparel design, she found herself drawn to the world of intricate items. Since then, she applies her passion to crafting jewellery – unique, beckoning, tactile and textural.


Frida’s unqiue style extends to canines, and has created bespoke pieces since 2007 under the brand K9 collarcouture. Influenced by her attraction to mystery, knowledge of the ancient world and her quest to capture visual energy, Frida’s hand-made jewellery collection symbolises the union between human and canine.


”Everything we think or say about jewellery applies to our pets – dogs especially. Our dogs go where we go and see more than we see. Dogs have been part of human life for at least 12,000 years. Their connection to our lives is deep and essential.”


Her new award-winning concept is not only a dog collar, it´s a dog collar with a detachable necklace. A simple secure way of attaching the necklace while the dog is wearing the collar. The collar also has a luxurious feel without the necklace.


K9 collarcouture is Made In Italy.

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