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The Healing Powers of Thailand – THAI YOUR BALANCE


Returning the body to equilibrium is the main force behind almost all Asian medical health systems. An understanding of the “life force”, also known as body energy, prana or chi, that flows through the body and all forms of life is a fundamental element.


Therapists in Asian healing systems work to free up stagnated energy and to return the body to balance. Acupuncture, yoga, massages, scrubs or other known wellness treatments are used to stimulate this life force and the body’s own natural healing system. 


Awareness, of how this energy flows through a nourished body, is the key to health. True healing begins, when the entire body, the mind and the soul are balanced and rested.

IATITAI  草本護膚及身體水療護膚品,靈感來源於大自然天然成分和成千上百的多種美容秘方。天然養分源源不斷地注入肌膚,喚醒肌膚內在活力,保持肌膚持久溫潤,每個產品都是天然手工製作。


IATITAI -真正的草本護膚品

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