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About ISAK


Isak was brought to life by Swedish designer Sandra Isaksson.

She was raised in the heart of a Swedish forest.

Blueberry-kissed, she sculpted clouds and painted rainbows,

carved with wind and whittled snowflakes from skybears.

Restless, she traveled the world in search for inspiration.

She found it in a small English town where she lived for many years until she moved to Hong Kong

where she designs products for beautiful happy homes overlooking the South China Sea.


We are passionate about creating a brand of responsibly manufactured products for the home.

We use the best factories and materials available, recycle as much as possible and make our packaging reusable.

We use wood from sustainable sources, recycled paper products and vegetable inks.

We aim to produce products with integrity, products designed to last and enjoyed for many years to come.


We treasure our past and protect our future.




ISAK 由一位瑞典設計師 Sandra Isaksson 創立。

ISAK 選擇優質的材料和工廠,盡可能使用天然及可持續材質如:木材、再生紙製品和植物油墨,




ISAK 為家庭創造一個綠色生活風格,珍惜過去,保護我們的未來。

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