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Brand Introduction


After establishing the successful and well known full Shanghai concept fashion brand “insh”,

Helen Lee launched her second line under her own name “HELEN LEE”.

This premium line is a necessity for men and women with a sense of independence and a need for self-expression.

Individual pieces are based on simple forms but meticulous details infuse garments with a fresh, fun, adventurous and lively personality.

Always sexy with a strong edge, “HELEN LEE” gives the style-conscious individuality in what they wear. 

The brand is available in our flagship boutique on West Nanjing Road Jiuguang Mall in Shanghai,

Lane Crawford worldwide, several other fashion-forward retailers in China, in North America, Australia and Hong Kong.

To wear “HELEN LEE” is a statement of independence and self-expression.





自成功創立本土知名品牌 ’insh’ 後,設計師李鴻雁(Helen Lee) 於2011年創立同名高級成衣品牌 ’Helen Lee’,


‘Helen Lee’ 品牌的願景旨在 ‘創新’ ,撇棄將中國傳統元素表面拼貼,並且創立自己的現代中國乃至亞洲時尚的獨特風格。

品牌堅持 ‘高品質’ 和 ‘創意’ 是產品必須要去實現的靈魂,同時穿著 ’HELEN LEE’ 能代表一種身分和高品位,

去建立一個人們為之驕傲的 ‘中國品牌’ ,並去定義中國設計走向國際市場。




Designer Introduction

Over the past decade, the name Helen Lee has become synonymous with Shanghai fashion.

Following her graduation from the Raffles-design-institute and two years working in Japan,

Helen Lee returned to Shanghai and founded insh.

The success of insh led to the creation of HELEN LEE, a premium brand known for its sophisticated and edgy designs, in 2009.

In 2010 HELEN LEE opened her flagship store on Fumin Road in the French Concession,

marking the beginning of a new chapter in high-end Chinese fashion.


The basis for Helen Lee’s remarkable success is her adventurous design philosophy.

The process begins with her diverse influences, an exciting mix of East and West, old and new,

and continues through the use of sensuous materials and striking textures.

Her garments combine an appealing simplicity with intricate details.

Helen Lee clothing aspires to the perfect line, the perfect cut, the perfect garment.


李鴻雁Helen Lee,被譽為上海時尚界的領軍人物,也是中國時尚界新生代力量的知名設計師。








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