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About the Brand:


Born in 1920s, FLAU is the perfect combination of both contemporary fashion design and traditional premium meisen techniques. Rejuvenated by modern design philosophy, this is the first time that the fine meisen craftsmanship shines a new spotlight on global fashion stage.


While the design of FLAU represents elegance, comfort, and uniqueness,

it is also built upon a revolutionary dyeing technique that enabled coloring before the weaving process comes in.

Using this technique, the high-quality fabric dyes and rice paste mixture are applied onto the threads first,

and uses a two-step weaving process that is significantly faster than the previous Ikat (resis-dyeing) method.

Such invention provides the foundation for giving the kimono a sophisticated design,

as the dyes are applied on both sides of the fabric and thus making the three-dimensional cutting possible. 


With over 100 years' of history, this high-end meisen kimono designs appealed to Japanese women with its bold patterns

and colors as well as fine quality.  Given the complexity of the dyeing process,

this fine technique is mastered only by a handful of skillful craftspeople in Japan.

In fact, there are less than 10 craftsmen in Japan left with knowledge of the two-step weaving technique,

of which 5 joined FLAU's project, aiming to pass down the craftsmanship to the younger generation.



About the Designers: 


Hiroyuki Horihata, after finishing Graduate School at the Doshisha University,

took a menswear design course under the Apparel Design program in the Bunka Fashion College.

He worked for another 5 years as a pattern maker at COMME des GARCONS. 


Makiko Sekiguchi, who studied under the same design program in the Bunka Fashion College and met with Hiroyuki Horihata,

worked for Yohji Yamamoto as a pattern maker after graduation. 


In 2003, both moved to UK and started working for London designer Bora Aksu's 04/05 A/W collection.

In 2005, the duo launched the brand Matohu and started participating in Japan Fashion Week since 2006.

In 2009, they received the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Designer Award and the Shiseido Sponsorship Award.






FLAU 於1920年代面世,為現代時尚服裝設計及傳統高端染布「銘仙技術」(Traditional Premium Meisen Techniques) 揉合而成的匠心結晶。



百年染布的「銘仙技術」融合現代時尚服裝設計,轉化成極其優雅貴氣、舒適輕柔,以及風格獨特的高級成衣 FLAU 。








當中5位日本匠人為了薪火相傳,而不讓百年工藝技術日後長埋淨土,就答應參與「Style Meisen」的合作計劃,





Hiroyuki Horihata先生於日本京都同志社大學之研究院畢業後,再於日本東京服裝專門學校文化服裝學院深造,

修讀男士服裝成衣設計。在離開校園後,於COMME des GARCONS任職了5年的圖案設計師。


Makiko Sekiguchi小姐於文化服裝學院修讀男士服裝成衣設計的時候,遇上了Hiroyuki Horihata先生。

畢業後,她在Yohji Yamamoto擔當圖案設計師。


於2003年,二人飛往英國,參與倫敦設計師Bora Aksu的04/05年秋冬系列的設計工作。




於2009年,二人同獲Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix新晉設計師獎,以及Shiseido 贊助大獎。

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