About the brand:


Atsukawa Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to offering products that

complement lifestyles across various aspects from housing to interior decor.


Embodying our philosophy, the team is proactively engaged in consultation on

new lifestyles and living climates at “Yasahii Seikatsu Kobo”- development of environmentally friendly products,

in cooperation with the industry in our region and the national forestry cooperative.



ATSUKAWA 擁有過百年的日本木工技藝,其中 ‘泡桐盒’ 為主要研發的產品。

ATSUKAWA 品牌下產品多樣化,致力開發優質的室內裝潢用品及家品,令品牌能夠滿足顧客在各個生活領域中的不同需求。