About the product:


Asakura Senpu has been specializing in textile processing techniques since 1982.

Key techniques include super water-repellent and quick-dry fabric processing,

which led them to their appointment to develop the Japanese national Olympics swimming and gymnastics team’s uniforms.


The furoshiki NAGARE project created by Asakura Senpu revisits the furoshiki scarf

that has been part of Japanese culture for 1,000 years with their water-repellent textile processing technique,

expanding the function of the furoshiki beyond its original purpose.


The furoshiki NAGARE was awarded the Good Design Award in 2011.


ASAKURA以獨有的技術製造出不透水 (water-repellent) 的布料,再造成不同類型的產品。



其中 furoshiki NAGARE 系列是以不透水物料所製造的日式風呂敷,



Furoshiki NAGARE 系列更曾在2011年獲得 Good Design Award。