About ARS co. Ltd

“Turning imagination to reality”

In order to provide high quality bags to more and more customers, ARS spend a lot of time to communicate and cooperation with

Japanese skilful craftsmen to produce high quality goods.


“Bags that everyone WANNA HAVE”

ARS aims at making bags that everyone would love at first sight.

Not only high quality bags, but also making bags that can be used for a long time and also being everyone’s favourite items.



為了向更多消費者提供高品質的包包,ARS 花很長時間與技巧精湛的資深匠人共同合作製造產品。


ARS 想製造令人一見鍾情,誰都想擁有的包包。除了高品質的包包外,ARS 以’可長久使用’ 為概念,打造消費者日常最愛的時尚單品。