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ALMA Aroma Pin


About the brand:


With 60 years of experiences and expertise in metal processing technology,

ALMA is a brand that brings the joy out of aluminum through its beautifully design aroma pin. 


About the product:


The ALMA aroma pin is a forward-thinking perfume product originating from the concept of wearable scent.

Each pin has perfume inside and can be changed easily, making it a perfect accessory for jackets, bags, hats regardless where you are.

With the cutting edge technology of “Alumite dyeing”, the pin is intricately crafted and colored to make the surface less prone to scratch. 


About the designer: 


Cement Produce Design Limited Company Representative Director 
Tsutomu Kanaya


After graduated Kyoto Seika University's Department of Literature, Mr. Tsutomu Kanaya spent a few years in manufacturing industry,

and established a company named "Cement Product Design” in 1999,

which manufactured a wide range of product design for various companies including Francfranc and UNIQLO.

Later, he established direct retail distribution through cooperating with local companies. 

His story was covered in Japanese TV programs "The daybreak of Gaia" and "NHK WORLD".









ALMA 香薰扣設計新穎,概念來自隨身佩戴能散發香氣的物件。


ALMA香薰扣採用嶄新的「氧化鋁染色技術」 (Alumite dyeing),讓金屬色緊密地一層又一層覆蓋香薰扣外殼,築起保護層而不易刮蝕。





Tsutomu Kanaya, Cement Produce Design Limited Company 代表董事


Tsutomu Kanaya先生,畢業於日本京都精華大學文學系,自離開校園後,曾從事數年製造業,

並於1999年開設名為Cement Product Design的公司,開始製造廣泛設計類產品,供大型連鎖店如Francfranc 及UNIQLO 出售。

其後,Kanaya先生與京都當地的公司攜手合作,親自建立零售網絡,他的故事更曾於日本電視節目《The daybreak of Gaia》 ,

以及 《NHK WORLD》廣泛報道。

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